League of Villains – Designer Teasers

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  • Good day to all you UniVersus fans out there!

    My name is Tim Frie and I’m the lead game designer here at Jasco Games. The design team always has a lot of fun working on new cards, but this set in particular has been a blast. Focusing on the bad guys is not a thing we get to do often! We’re nearly ready to begin previewing the next expansion of the My Hero Academia CCG, but before we do, I wanted to give everyone some tidbits of what to expect over the coming weeks. 

    Things you can expect to see in League of Villains:

    • Villains, of course!
    • A cycle of powerful actions for blocking!
    • 2 throwback reprints.
    • 4 never-before-playable characters to build your deck around.
    • An attack that searches your deck.
    • Multiple Rare attacks with a Check of 1.
    • The return of the “3 damage matters” archetype.
    • The first 2-Difficulty attack printed for My Hero Academia.
    • Revisiting counters as part of a character card.
    • A brand new Keyword Ability!

    Some Game Text on cards in League of Villains:

    • Enhance Commit: If you have 5 or more different symbols in your card pool, this attack gets +2 damage or -2 speed.
    • Deadlock First Form Commit: Destroy 1 rival foundation.
    • Response Flip: After your rival adds a card to their momentum, they build it face down committed. Then they add 1 ready foundation to their hand, then add 1 card from their hand to their momentum.
    • Enhance Remove, discard 1 card: Your rival cannot play or block with action cards during this attack.
    • CHARACTER Enhance Flip, remove 1 momentum: Add 1 card from your discard pile to your momentum.
    • Enhance: If this attack deals 3 or less damage, draw 1 card.
    • If you have more health than your rival, this card gets -1 difficulty.
    • Second Enhance Remove: This attack gets +2 damage. If it has Taunt, draw 1 card and it gains Stun: 1.
    • Response Flip: After your attack deals more than its printed damage, gain 3 health.
    • Enhance: Build 1 card with a check value of 6 from your card pool.

    Some Keyword Combinations in League of Villains:

    • EX: 2 • Tech • Weapon
    • Ranged • Combo (Action)
    • Ally · Flash · Weapon
    • Throw · Combo (Combo)
    • Kick · Weapon

    I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek on what’s to come with League of Villains! Any idea what cards these could be? Be sure to comment your thoughts across our official social media channels, and get ready for a fun preview season!

    -Timothy Frie

    Heroes Clash Teasers!

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  • Good day to all you MHA CCG fans out there! I’m really excited to be writing this message to you all. I’m a big fan of card games, including following a certain other Head Game Designer’s regular blog posts before a big release. So I asked our media department, and got the go ahead to write up this list, in an effort to emulate another designer I regard very highly. 

    We’re getting ready to start previews for the next expansion of the My Hero Academia CCG, but before we do, I wanted to give you some insight into what you’ll be seeing over the coming weeks. So I hope you’ll enjoy my MaRo style preview teasers for Heroes Clash!

    Things you can expect to see in Heroes Clash:

    • A cycle of attacks that gain Stun: 2.
    • A cycle of foundations that destroy a foundation for a cost.
    • 3 new Terrain assets.
    • A card that breaks deck building rules.
    • A long-awaited character!
    • A common attack with Powerful: 4.
    • A card that helps a “Sticky” archetype.
    • A new (old) effect class joins the game!
    • A character that uses counters!
    • An attack with printed 10 damage.

    Game Text on cards in Heroes Clash:

    • Deadlock Enhance: Your rival loses 1 health for each Ranged attack in your card pool.
    • Enhance: This attack gets +1 damage for every 3 foundations in your rival’s stage.
    • Enhance Commit 1 foundation: This attack gets +1 damage and +1 to its EX rating.  This enhance is playable any number of times this Enhance Step. 
    • After you block a high attack with this card, it deals no damage.
    • Deadlock Enhance Flip: Ready 2 foundations. Add the top card of your deck to your momentum.
    • Enhance Commit, name a card type: Discard the top card of your rival’s deck. If it is the named type, your attack gets +3 speed. 
    • Enhance Commit: If there are at least two different attack zones in your card pool, your next check to play a card gets +2.
    • Enhance Discard 1 card: This attack gets +1 speed and gains Stun:1
    • Enhance Discard 1 momentum: This attack gets -3 speed.
    • Enhance Remove 1 Weapon card from your discard pile: Your rival loses 1 health. This ability cannot reduce your rival to below 1 health.
    • Deadlock Response: After an attack is played, it gets +2 speed.
    • Deadlock Enhance Commit: Your Kick, Punch or Slam attack gets +3 damage and gains Throw.

    Some Keyword Combinations:

    • Charge · Slam  ·  Tech
    • Breaker: 1 · Charge · Fury
    • Punch · Combo (Mid Attack, Mid Attack)
    • Powerful 3 · Weapon  ·  Combo (Weapon, Combo)
    • Slam  ·  Stun: 1

    Hope you enjoyed these insights to Heroes Clash! I can’t wait to see what amazing and creative decks you all dream up with this new expansion. Let’s have a fun preview season! 

    -Timothy Frie