All Symbol Primer

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  • Welcome to the Jasco Games’ Design Team Symbol Primer! We’re going to take an in-depth look at the All symbol today to help you understand its ins and outs. If you want to see as many cards as possible, or are looking for a toolbox of a deck that can handle a multitude of situations, the All symbol will be the one for you!

    Adding cards to your hand is the primary theme of the All symbol, alongside being able to manipulate your deck & discard pile. The most common way to add cards to your hand is drawing cards. Not content with just simply drawing from the top of your deck, some cards can get you cards from unique locations.

    Adding Cards To Your Hand

    Uses the theme

    Going a step further than just having lots of cards in hand, these cards directly reward you for filling up your hand. Be it through Needle Stab being able to discard up to 6 cards, or All Might giving damage based on how full your hand is, there are various ways to take advantage of a full hand.

    Triggers off of the theme

    If your local meta is full of people constantly drawing cards, here are a few ways to make their day a bit more annoying. Drawing just as many cards as them with Nezu, or stuffing their card pool to make it difficult to play all of those cards are some fairly effective ways to keep the game in your favor!

    Interacts with, or restricts rivals playing the theme

    Deck Manipulation & Knowledge

    Game knowledge is a powerful thing, and that includes knowledge of the top of your deck! Being able to avoid bad checks, or combining this theme with All’s capability to draw cards will give you a clear line to victory.

    Uses the theme

    Simply knowing what card is on top of your deck is quite valuable in its own right, but you can go a step further by using cards that reward you for knowing exactly what is on top of your deck.

    Plays with the theme

    If your rival is setting up their deck and gaining game knowledge above you, check out these cards that can look at or change the top of your rival’s deck to keep you in line!

    Interacts with, or restricts rivals playing the theme

    Minor Theme: Jack Of All Trades

    Living up to its name, the All symbol can dabble in all kinds of abilities, but doing this does mean that they will either be less potent abilities, or their costs will be a bit more harsh.

    Uses the theme

    Lastly for today, let’s take a look at some character cards that you can play as if you just love the feeling of an All deck!

    The All symbol lacks powerful aggression, but through utilizing excellent draws and the right plays you can overwhelm your opponent with your grand amount of options. After all, a toolbox is best when it is fully stocked! Stay tuned for next time when we go over the momentum hoarding Chaos symbol.