Heroes Clash Combo Highlights!

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  • Greetings, Heroes!

    Today we’re excited to highlight some combos for you to experiment with in your decks with the release of Heroes Clash!

    Ignoring progressive difficulty is one of the most powerful effects in the game. ‘Heroic Clash‘ is a very powerful Secret Rare that clears your entire card pool, resetting your progressive difficulty to 0 and giving you a fresh opportunity to continue attacking your rival.  It also lets you draw 2 cards, refilling your hand so you can carry out your assault. This immense power is costed by a 1 check, which can be daunting to include in your deck. ‘Mezo Shoji (II)‘ has the power to look at the top card of his deck, scouting his next check he is about to make. This gives you the knowledge if and when you are about to check that 1, and you can effectively bypass checking the 1 by using an ability to draw it, or by using ‘Window Shopping‘ to play it right off the top of your deck! 

    Aggressive Clash‘ is an attack that might fly under the radar for a bit until people realize how destructive it really is.  Foundations with the Unique keyword ability always have strong abilities, and ‘Aggressive Clash‘ rips right through them.  There are also a good handful of foundations that have keyword traits printed on them, such as Ally, Weapon, or Taunt!  Resource destruction is incredibly powerful, and you can pair ‘Aggressive Clash‘ with a character that focuses on foundation denial such as ‘Tomura Shigaraki (I)‘.  Speaking of Shigaraki, he received an amazing foundation in Set 3, ‘Nothing To See Here‘.  This card contributes to his foundation destruction game plan, potentially doubling up on the destruction with ‘Merciless Rush‘!